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Julia & Lance

Julia and Lance's beautiful wedding day started at The First Unitarian Church of St. Louis. This church kind of reminded me of a Rembrandt painting. It had a very dark, but striking presence, which you can really see in the gorgeous images of Julia getting ready with her bridesmaids. I do HAVE to mention that her dress was a gorgeously transformed THIRD generation gown worn by her mother and grandmother. (Read here about Julia's dress transformation!) After snapping some fun candids of Lance getting ready as well, they had a very short and sweet ceremony, which was followed by a endearing surprise of their wedding party, having decorated their car! After checking out the wedding party's car-art, we headed back into the church to start up some more photos. I don't generally have time to do many unique wedding party photos inside the church, (usually I'm being shuffled out very quickly by the notorious "church lady" :P), so I got to stretch some creative muscle by working the awesome architecture into the images. Eventually we decided to take a chance with the Spring showers outside and snagged some outdoor shots in between the sprinkles, before heading to the reception. The gilded finish centerpieces really evoked a classic antique feel. However, different hues of magenta in the flowers created a sense of Spring freshness as well. It's funny how personalities naturally come out during the first dance. Their's was definitely classic and romantic, much like the overall style of their wedding. Congrats Julia and Lance! May that romance continue throughout your marriage!

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