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Warm Wine Country Wedding

A warm wine country wedding (now say that 5x times fast :P). Rebecca and Brian planned for a cooler early Spring wedding day, but the universe had better (more adorable) plans for them and they moved back their wedding date a couple months for the birth of their daughter. You can plainly see from the photos, she's most definitely cute enough to be worth getting wed in the Summer heat! The love for each other and for their baby shines through (no it's not sweat, it's just love :P) in all their photos! Also, I need a moment to say how way too cute Brian's grandma looked! Kentucky derby hat and all! I have to note that Rebecca was clearly the perfect bride client for me, as she had to get down and pet the winery's kitty cat in her wedding dress and all (something I would totally do). I didn't include some of the more emotional images, because I didn't want to embarrass them, but I'll just say, there were a lot of "Awwww that's too sweet" moments while I edited these. Congrats to two people who so clearly have so much love in their little family!

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